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Goatote shopping bags in retail store

Your Ultimate Partner for Sustainable Reusable Bag Solutions

GOATOTE is Revolutionizing Sustainability One Bag At A Time


Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

GOATOTE is the market leader and pioneer of turnkey reusable and returnable shopping bag solutions, for deployment at scale, in the market today. 


Our solutions merge eco-friendly shopping bags, bag cleaning systems for reuse, and comprehensive logistics operation ensuring bag recirculation, powered by proprietary technology to create seamless, sustainable, shopping experiences.

Our Services

Reuse Programs

Encourage shoppers to return and reuse bags, reducing waste and promoting a circular economy

Donations and Charity

Facilitate the donation of clean reusable bags to those in need, enhancing your corporate social responsibility initiatives

Bag Resale Opportunities

Turn returnable reusable bags into an additional revenue stream by offering them for resale, increasing both sustainability and profitability

Rewards Programs

Implement incentive programs that reward shoppers for sustainable behaviors, boosting customer engagement and loyalty

Material Expertise

Thinking of ditching single-use bags?

Let us help you choose the best materials for your customers and the planet while saving costs.

Residential Collections

Enable reusable bag collections for cleaning and redistribution in your area. Permanent collections and one day events are available

Recycling Solutions

Ensure end-of-life bags are recycled responsibly, minimizing environmental impact

Our Story

Our Story

Eco-friendly bag return program

What's a GOATOTE?  It's the GOAT of Totes! Greatest of all time that is. 

Reusable bag systems that ensure the reuse and recirculation of an item that we all have closet or trunk full of. 

GOATOTE was born out of a simple yet powerful idea: reimagine the reusable bag experience.


Tired of seeing countless bags go to waste and understanding the complexity of managing reusable bags, we recognized the need for solutions.

There is no silver bullet to this issue, which is why GOATOTE is dedicated to providing comprehensive, customizable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Our innovative, turn-key programs are designed to simplify and enhance your sustainability efforts, offering a one stop solution for all your reusable bag needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

Key to Sustainable Success

With years of expertise, GOATOTE is the full package for all your reusable bag needs, offering comprehensive solutions from logistics to our proprietary washing techniques. Our consulting services on best practices and material choices ensure you have the most effective and sustainable options. Trust us to handle everything, allowing you to focus on making a positive impact.

Quality Meets Affordability

Quality Meets Affordability

Our programs are not just eco-friendly; they're budget-friendly too. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, reusable options without breaking the bank. Retailers and businesses report higher profit margins and customer loyalty when implementing our reuse systems.


Bridging the Gap

At GOATOTE, we make sustainability easy, available, and necessary, bridging the gap for sustainable solutions. Whether driven by legislation or personal choice, our innovative reusable bag solutions ensure a seamless transition to eco-friendly practices, contributing to a greener planet. By choosing GOATOTE, you become part of a larger movement towards sustainability with minimal effort.


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