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Goatote shopping bags in retail store


At GOATOTE, we offer more than just reusable shopping bags.
We believe in transforming the way you shop, and rewarding you for reuse!

How it Works

How it Works?

We know you already have a closet or trunk full of reusable bags, but sometimes just forget.

We get it. 

Now you can purchase the Greatest of All Time Tote, or GOATOTE, bags at any participating store and return the bag when you are finished for cash, discounts, and more!

Goatote bag


Get Goatote Bag

Find GOATOTE at checkout and purchase it like you would any other bag.

Goatote Return Kiosk


Return Bag After Use

Return your bag at any participating store. Use your phone to scan the QR code on our smart return kiosks at the store..

Goatote Return App


Choose Your Reward

..follow the prompts on your phone and choose your reward!  

Yes, it's that easy!

You can return your bag at any participating location regardless of where you purchased the bag.
Bags you return are cleaned and sanitized for continued reuse!



GOATOTE offers reusable, eco-friendly, tote bags, for shoppers, businesses, and community organizations with a focus on sustainability.  


Our unique model allows customers to return used bags at kiosks for rewards, promoting a greener lifestyle and reducing plastic waste.  Our holistic approach combines durable tote bag solutions with advanced logistics, efficient cleaning operations, and cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing the shopping bag experience.  Join the reusable bag movement with Goatote!

Stylish, ergonomic, easy to carry Goatote bags
Eco-friendly bag return program

Our Story

GOATOTE was born out of a simple yet powerful idea: reimagine the reusable bag experience.


Tired of seeing countless bags go to waste and recognizing the need for a solution, we set out to create a brand that not only helps the environment but also rewards you for your commitment to a greener planet.

Goatote bag

Choose GOATOTE, Choose Change

When you choose GOATOTE, you're not just choosing a bag; you're choosing change.

Change for the environment, change for your wallet, and change for a better shopping experience.

Our Community

GOATOTE is more than a brand; it's a community of mindful shoppers making a positive impact.


Join us in the journey towards a greener, cleaner future. Check us out on social media to be a part of the conversation.

Goatote Retailer and User Community
Our Story

What Sets Us Apart?


Return for Rewards

We've turned reusable bags into a two-way street. Purchase a GOATOTE bag, and when you're done, return it to us. In return, you earn money, receive discounts and promotions, or contribute to a charitable cause. 
It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of the sustainability solution.

Quality Meets Affordability

Quality Meets Affordability

Our bags are not just eco-friendly; they're budget-friendly too. We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality, reusable options without breaking the bank.


Bridging the Gap

GOATOTE is more than a bag; it's a bridge between convenience and conscious living. For those moments when you forget your reusable bag at home, we've got you covered. No guilt, just rewards.


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