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Find Frequently Asked Questions, fast!

Where do I purchase or return GOATOTE bags?

You can purchase GOATOTE bags at any participating location. Look for GOATOTE bags at checkout and purchase them like you would any other bag.

When it's time to return your GOATOTE bags, you can return them at any participating location, regardless of where you purchased the bag. 


Can I keep your awesome bags forever?

It's up to you! GOATOTE gives you choices.

If you love the bag, continue to reuse it as much as you would like. 

If you don't need another reusable bag, return it and be rewarded!


Can I return soiled or damaged bags and still get rewarded for the return?

Yes! Return your GOATOTE bags in any condition.


How soon will I receive my cash reward via 

e-transfer rewards take about 2 weeks to process.


What do you do with the bags I return?

All returned bags go through a strict quality check and cleaning protocol. Bags are then redistributed for continued reuse.

Did you know that GOATOTE has a first of its kind cleaning process specific to reusable bags!? Our process focuses on keeping micro-plastics out of water and increasing the lifespan of the bag.

Any bag that can not be reused is responsibly recycled.


How much is my GOATOTE bag worth?

Good question.  The reward value of each GOATOTE bag varies by retailer and retail location. 


Do you accept non-GOATOTE bags at your bag return kiosk?

Not at this time. 

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